Sometimes we call her, I mean “it” … ems are genderless for the time being, we address "it" as Zero, Space Cat, "it" of course, L or occasionally by her once fictional human name Lexi Love. Zero is not original if you ask me, but it keeps things simple, and we are less attached to “her” as an “it” or a Zero, which keeps us focused on the project at hand. 

     In the year 2017, on Earth, Lexi Love transitioned from a female human to a whole brain emulation, (WBE), em for short. We advised against this transition to an em since our work is in the early stages of development; lots can and does go wrong with our tests and experiments. Love insisted on being an early adaptor to our project and research efforts; we made a few backup copies of Love just in case something unexpected happens to our project in the lab or in Zero’s environment. As stated, Love’s transition renders her genderless; to cope with loss of gender identity she requested to “transformed” into a cat, not only a cat but a space cat. We succumbed to her wishes as we suppose there's no harm in having a genderless space cat running em around through our systems, plus it brings a bit of fun and humor to our work in the lab. 

     Let me introduce you to some of the team. I go by C, I am the creator of Project EM and of fictional character Lexi Love. Next, we have Aye Aye, our genderless voice activated Ai assistant. Dasha is responsible for all of our technical systems, making sure that our brain scans are uploaded correctly and other technical stuff we’ll fill you in on at a later date. Moirai meets with our human subjects electing to become ems, explains the process of going from human to em, and when the time comes for the transition, Moirai is responsible for all of the brain extractions and scanning. Exciting isn’t it?! Who else is here today? Ah, Brighton there you are. Brighton is the team’s robot assistant that assists the us with tasks inside and outside of the office. When our team isn’t working on ems we enjoy downtime upgrading Brighton. That covers the introductions for everyone in the office today. We’ll continue to introduce you to our remote team members as time goes on.

Moving on now. We would like you to join Project EM and help us continue to grow our team and our story.