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lexilove.com invites science fiction and technology enthusiasts, futurist, artists, writers, illustrators, songwriters, educators, students, podcasters, producers, and everyone interested in the future of human existence to submit and share their thoughts as well as concerns, via writing, podcasts, videos, illustrations, songs, and or other creative submissions, on what they think life will be like in the future. This initiative encourages everyone to discuss and debate, to think creatively and critically, to question and contemplate the future of life on Earth as we begin to rely more on automation, algorithms, augmentation, and artificial intelligence in our daily lives. 

lexilove.com welcomes conversations as to how brains function outside the body, what the future of artificial general intelligence (AGI) will look like, how humans will behave if they achieve a lifelong legacy in a digital space, what ethical policies will need to be developed to ensure humans are not exploited during this time of technological advancements, or how automation, algorithms, and robots will affect the future of work and the economy. 

The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth by Robin Hanson will provide those interested in submitting submissions to lexilove.com with a bit of direction as it offers a wealth of information and insight to inspire fictional and technical works. Hanson’s book depicts a detailed picture of a plausible future where humans and robots coexist. What will humans do in a world where robots rule not just on Earth but in a universe currently expanding beyond our solar system into the cosmos? What does our future life as humans resemble? These are just a few questions for participants to consider. According to Hanson, life on Earth has survived three human eras; the foragers, the farmers and the industrial revolution. The next stage, the era of artificial intelligence is here; from algorithms and automation to robots and current efforts to develop whole brain emulations (WBE).

“As we begin to lay the foundation for our future, we hope to have a bit of fun as we leave the problems of today in the past without building them into the infrastructure of our future.” 

– Lexi Love’s Creator

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to viewing, reading, watching, and listening to your submissions.

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